Family Owned and Operated since 2002

About Marrs Demolition + Grading


Tim Marrs
- Director of operations - Tim has been in the demolition business for over a decade, working with several large companies to collaborate and maximize effeciency. Tim now manages a successful demoltion and grading company here in Scottsdale and looks forward to each new job.
Scott Laursen
- Logistics manager - Scott plays a strong role, managing company assets, coordinating schedules between the various parts of the company. Scott is a key player is how efficiently Marrs Demolition + Grading runs on a daily basis, making your project a smooth one.
Robert Smith
- Manager - Robert's role at Marrs Demolition + Grading is a "jack of all trades". He spends his time running between jobsites to ensure all safety requirements are met, provisions are received, materials are order and customers are satisfied. In addition, he's also in the office tracking jobs... Hopefully yours soon.


Chuck Cassise
- Grading estimator - Chuck bring decades of demolition experience to the table, allowing our bids to be extremely competitive. Chuck will stay in communication throughout the bidding phase, ensuring that our bids are the most complete and professional you receive.
Bryan Rorick
- Underground Estimator - Bryan brings a professional attitude, decades of knowledge and a strong will to win to the table. If you have a grading or underground job in the Scottsdale area, let us bid it before you sign with anyone else. We have several connections within the industry to ensure our bid is fair and competitive.